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Character Design

Did up some quick sketches off of my rp blog tonight. Still have a few more to go about, but that will be tomorrow :D

Sketching Deadpool ▷


I am a #zombie ! Nomnomnom ! #howloscream #howl-o-scream #zombie #mortuary #night2

HOS - Night One! Zombie Containment Unit - I’ve been infected! Taken in the zone.

"Monster!" sketch of what I got done tonight! Thank you all for joining me and be on the look out for more! :D Cheers!

Ziencora drawing..well..Ziencora! ▷

This comic is going to be the death of me. LOOK AT THAT SKETCHING


Serious Comic Sketches ▷

doing a few idea sketches for a comic I wanna do that’s less cartoony. Ugh I will never get it off the grounnnnnnnnddddddd

"Nope!" My life in procrastination mode….This also makes me realize I have a lot of black on my desk.

That’s my dog Lilly ^.^

Drawing Comics || "Nope!" ▷